Domestic Violence

This section will give you general guidelines for how to best prepare yourself for court.

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If you cannot afford the filing fee or other court costs, you may qualify to have these fees and costs waived by the court.

Whatever the reason, you have the right to represent yourself, to be your own lawyer in all cases in California.

The Constitution; Executive and Administrative Laws; County, Appellate, Supreme Court, and Federal Districts; State Legislation; and Legal Guides.

The purpose of this Email Hotline is for WomensLaw to provide basic legal information, referrals, and emotional support.

A restraining order protects someone from being physically or sexually abused, threatened, stalked, or harassed.

ADR is usually less formal, less expensive, and less time-consuming than a trial.

This resource by the Women's Law organization will assist you in answering the following questions: What is domestic violence? Who does domestic violence happen to? What are the laws against domestic violence and can they help me?

This map is a useful tool for finding domestic violence organizations in your community who are Members of the Partnership.

The court can help to prevent acts of violence with restraining orders, forms, resources and FAQ.

Documentation of your partner"s abusive behaviors can be an important component of your case.

The court can help protect people who have been abused or threatened with abuse by someone you dated, lived with, or are related to.

Tips to prepare and what to do when you're at the court.

Safe at Home is California's address confidentiality program administered by the California Secretary of State"s office. The program, which provides a free post office box and mail forwarding service, is designed to help victims and survivors of domestic violence.

If the resources on this page do not address your needs, please call our helpline. We provide services in English, Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin and can arrange services in additional languages.

In certain cases, survivors may quit their jobs to protect themselves or their families from the abuse and still be entitled to the receipt of unemployment insurance benefits.

Survivors of domestic violence are eligible for financial compensation for the harm they have suffered. This tool is designed to help you understand your options and how to pursue them. Take this quiz to assess what matters most to you and build awareness about your compensation options.