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Fresno, CA 93721
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(559) 457 - 2100
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Fresno County
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The Fresno County Superior Court has established the Self-Help Service Center - Centro de Recursos Legales - which is already proving to be a great success. The primary objective of this grant-funded program is to provide education and equal access to the court system for the pro per litigant by offering educational information and language assistance. The Center is also designed to address the under served Spanish population by focusing on the heart of the problem - the language barrier. The Center is directed at all need levels of the self-represented litigants. The Self-Help Service Center is here to help you help yourself!

The Self-Help Center can help you by providing information and instructions in Spanish and English to show you how to complete legal forms for common cases in civil court. There are also Spanish-speaking volunteers who may be able to assist at the Center and in cour

Description of Service Types
Access to English and Spanish language self-help instruction packets for use in completing court documents for: Family Law - Unlawful Detainer (Evictions) - Civil Harassment - Guardianship- Domestic Violence.\nReview of court documents by a court examiner (by appointment only).\nRotating "how to" clinics on Family Law, Civil Harassment, and Guardianship (pre-registration required).\nInformational materials are available at the Center and computer terminals are available for self-help use.\nThere is no charge for using the Center's services; however, there is a nominal charge for self-help packets and documents prepared or copied at the office.\n\nGeneral legal information, no legal advice.\nAvailable to help both parties. That means help can be given to other party in your case.\nDO NOT represent you and CANNOT act as your lawyer.
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