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400 Government Center Drive
San Andreas, CA 95249
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Calaveras County
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The Self-Help Legal Center offers one-stop legal assistance; a place for people to research a legal matter, type forms, make photocopies, and get prepared to file their papers. Appointments can be made for individual assistance or sign-up to attend one of the "How to" clinics. The Self-Help Legal Center is provided by the Superior Court Calaveras County.

The small claims advisor for Calaveras County provides information and counseling to litigants and potential litigants concerning all aspects of the small claims court process, including case preparation, collection, venue, appeals and more. Court Clerks are not allowed to answer legal questions. All correspondence to the small claims court must contain the case number and show that a copy was sent to all parties in the case or it will be returned.

Community Groups
Medicaid Eligible
Mentally Ill
Over 60
Person living with HIV/AIDS
Person with Disabilities
Related to person living with HIV/AIDS
Survivor of Domestic Violence
U.S. Citizen or Documented Immigrant
Under 18
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Description of Service Types
Self-help center attorneys provide general legal assistance and procedural instruction. They do not represent people in their court proceedings. Self-help center staff may not provide assistance on any issue on which a litigant is actively represented by an attorney. Some cases may not be suitable for self-representation because of the complexity of the law or facts involved.\n\nLegal services provided by the self-help center are not intended to give one side of a case an advantage over the other, and no attorney-client relationship exists between attorneys providing services at the self-help center and a litigant using the center. The absence of an attorney-client relationship means that communications between the litigant and the self-help center attorneys, staff, or volunteers are not privileged. Self-help center staff and attorneys may provide services to any party to an action.\n\nA court self-help center may not create documents for litigants that require strategic decision-making on behalf of litigants by self-help center staff or are designed to promote one side of a case over the other.
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