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Repairs and Living Conditions (2)+

  • San Francisco Rent Board Fact Sheets

    Topics such as: repair issues; security deposits; interest on security deposits, and the rent board fee; eviction issues; landlord petitions and passthroughs tenant petitions; annual allowable rent increases and banked rent increases; hearings, mediations and appeals; utility passthroughs; water revenue bond passthroughs. Content Detail

    San Francisco Rent Board
  • San Francisco Tenants Rights

    Rent Control, Buyouts, Condo & TIC Conversions, Habitability & Repairs, Harassment by Landlord, Sales of Buildings, Security Deposits, Short-Term Rentals Content Detail

    San Francisco Tenants' Union

3-Day Notice (4)+

30- and 60-Day Notices (3)+

Foreclosure and Building Sale (3)+

Retaliatory Actions (3)+

  • The Eviction Process

    The California Department of Consumer Affairs offers an overview regarding the eviction legal process. Content Detail

  • Evictions: 3-Day, 30-Day, and 60-Day Notices

    This resource provides information on how to respond to terminations and evictions. Content Detail

    CA Department of Consumer Affairs
  • Retaliatory Actions, Evictions And Discrimination

    A landlord may try to evict, harass, or discriminate against a tenant because the tenant has exercised a legal right or has complained about a problem in the rental unit. Others can use harassment, eviction, or discrimination to retaliate against someone who: opposed unlawful practices, informed law enforcement, or encouraged a person to exercise their rights. Content Detail

    CA Department of Consumer Affairs

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