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  • Labor Unions: Duty of Fair Representation

    A union owes a duty of fair representation to all of the workers it represents. This duty requires that the union act fairly, impartially, and without ill will or discrimination when pursuing a worker’s grievance or when negotiating a new contract with the employer. Content Detail

    Legal Aid At Work
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Trans Rights (3)+

  • Transgender Health and the Law

    You have rights to access many healthcare services. Content Detail

    Transgender Law Center
  • Know Your Rights

    Up-to-date transgender people’s rights: airport security, federal employees, workers' rights, healthcare, housing, immigration, medicare, military servicemembers, passports, public accommodations, schools, social security, and survivors of violence. There are steps you can take if you face discrimination today in every state and in almost every area of life. Each resource below includes how to file complaints of discrimination or mistreatment and how to find legal help. Content Detail

    National Center for Transgender Equality
  • LGBT Rights and Resources

    Discrimination in employment, housing, business settings, school and foster care; hate crimes and intimate partner violence; family matters; concerns about health and at death; sex crimes and convictions. Content Detail

    State Bar of California

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