Asociación de Abogados de San Francisco Servicio de Referencia e Información de Abogados

How to Receive Services (Intake)
Submit a Referral Request online or contact by phone: Monday through Friday, PST, 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. at: (415) 989-1616 Hearing impaired: TTD/TTY – 711

An experienced LRIS representative will ask you a few questions. These questions help us determine what kind of lawyer or legal service you may need. The LRIS representative will call you call back within one or two days with information about your referral. During this time, we find a lawyer who agrees to meet with you regarding your legal matter.
We'll give you the name of the lawyer who has agreed to meet with you, and the date/time/location of your first meeting.

A $35 fee is usually charged for this first meeting. For injury matters, there is no fee to consult a lawyer. At the meeting, the lawyer will discuss what to do next.
(415) 989 - 1616
Áreas Servidas
Condado de San Francisco
Condado de Marin
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El Servicio de Referencia e Información de Abogados (LRIS) ofrece asistencia legal de abogados asegurados que son evaluados por su experiencia en más de 100 áreas legales. Si usted ha sido lesionado, la referencia y la primera consulta de treinta minutos con su abogado son absolutamente gratis. Para todos los otros asuntos legales, usted paga solamente $ 35 por la referencia y la primera consulta de treinta minutos.

Usted será referido a un abogado que no ofrece servicios gratuitos. Usted y el abogado negociarán un precio por sus honorarios.
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Servicio de Referencia de Abogados Certificados
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Wichí Lhamtés Güisnay/MZH
Spanish / Español
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