Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County

Who We Are

Legal Aid's mission is to help disadvantaged people improve their lives through equal access to justice. Legal Aid services are primarily directed at low income people, persons with disabilities, and the elderly. Eligibility levels may vary depending on the source of our funding.

General Contact Information

Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County
330 Twin Dolphin Drive (map)
Suite 123
Redwood City, CA 94065
Toll Free

Choose a legal issue to learn more about the services provided:

Consumer, Small Claims > Cars

Consumer, Small Claims > Debt Collection, Garnishment, Repossession

Consumer, Small Claims > Fraud, Identity Theft, and Unethical Sales Practices

Disability > Education Rights

Disability > Power of Attorney, Conservatorship, Advanced Health Directives

Disability > Rights of People with Disabilities

Families and Kids > Childcare, Kinship, and Foster Parent Assistance

Families and Kids > Custody/Visitation

Families and Kids > Divorce and Spousal Support/Alimony

Families and Kids > Guardianship

Families and Kids > Other Family or Juvenile Issues

Families and Kids > Paternity

Families and Kids > Restraining Orders

Families and Kids > Rights of Grandparents

Families and Kids > Youth Rights & Emancipation

Health > Mental Health

Health > Nursing Homes and Medical Long Term Care

Health > Other Health Issues

Health > Private Health Insurance and Employer-Sponsored Healthcare

Housing > Assisted Living and Residential Care Facilities

Housing > Evictions

Housing > Landlord and Tenant Issues

Housing > Other Housing Issues

Housing > Public Housing, Subsidized Housing, and Section 8

Housing > Security Deposits

Protection from Abuse > Elder Abuse

Protection from Abuse > Immigrants & Domestic Violence

Public Benefits > Disability and Public Benefits: SSI, SSDI, SDI

Public Benefits > Food Stamps / CalFresh

Public Benefits > Medi-Cal

Public Benefits > Medicare

Public Benefits > Public Benefits for Immigrants

Public Benefits > Social Security

Public Benefits > Welfare / CalWORKs

Work > Workplace Disability Access & Accomodation

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