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Who We Are

ALRP’s mission is to help people with HIV/AIDS maintain or improve their health by resolving their legal issues.  ALRP accomplishes this mission by providing free and low-cost legal services to people with HIV/AIDS in the San Francisco Bay Area.
ALRP is the only institution in the San Francisco Bay Area solely dedicated to providing free and low-cost legal assistance and education on virtually any civil matter to persons living with HIV/AIDS. This includes such widely disparate areas as housing, bankruptcy/credit, immigration, employment, insurance, confidentiality matters, family law, government benefits, and public accommodations. ALRP accomplishes this mission through either direct representation of clients by one of ALRP’s ten attorneys or by careful placement of clients with one of ALRP’s 700 Panel attorneys.
Founded in 1983, ALRP has handled over 65,000 legal matters for our clients over the last 31 years. ALRP's efforts help our clients:
    Avoid unlawful evictions – fulfilling their basic need for shelter
    Protect their assets, and their children’s future
    Reduce their stress and improve their health
    Assure their personal dignity
    Protect and regain lost jobs and insurance/medical benefits
ALRP's goals are to provide legal counsel and representation on often-complex legal matters with respect to HIV/AIDS for a community of individuals often least able to afford it, and to leverage the resources of the private bar for the public good. In the process, ALRP increases resources dedicated to the public interest through the private market, and increase the skill and capacity of the legal community to handle the intricacies of HIV/AIDS related law and representation.

General Contact Information

AIDS Legal Referral Panel - Oakland Office
1320 Webster St (map)
Oakland, CA 94610
(510) 451 - 5353
Last Review and Update: Apr 07, 2017

Choose a legal issue to learn more about the services provided:

Consumer, Small Claims > Credit Reports and Credit Cards

Consumer, Small Claims > Debt Collection, Garnishment, Repossession

Consumer, Small Claims > Fraud, Identity Theft, and Unethical Business Practices

Consumer, Small Claims > Loans and Mortgages

Consumer, Small Claims > Taxes

Disability > Power of Attorney, Conservatorship, Advanced Health Directives

Families and Kids > Adoption

Families and Kids > Child Abuse/Neglect

Families and Kids > Child Support

Families and Kids > Custody/Visitation

Families and Kids > Divorce and Spousal Support/Alimony

Families and Kids > Domestic Violence

Families and Kids > Guardianship

Families and Kids > Name Change

Health > In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)

Health > Mental Health

Health > Private Health Insurance and Employer-Sponsored Healthcare

HIV/AIDS > HIV/AIDS Rights and Health

Housing > Evictions

Housing > Foreclosure

Housing > Homelessness

Housing > Housing Discrimination

Housing > Landlord and Tenant Issues

Housing > Public Housing, Subsidized Housing, and Section 8

Housing > Security Deposits

Housing > Veteran and Servicemember Housing and Home Loans

Immigration > Asylum, Refugee, and Special Immigrant Juvenile (SIJ)

Immigration > Deportation, Removal, and Detention

Immigration > Discrimination For Immigration Status or National Origin

Immigration > Naturalization/Citizenship

Immigration > Permanent Residence/Green Cards

Individual & Civil Rights > LGBTQ Rights

Protection from Abuse > Elder Abuse

Protection from Abuse > Immigrants & Domestic Violence

Protection from Abuse > Sexual Assault and Rape

Public Benefits > Disability and Public Benefits: SSI, SSDI, SDI

Public Benefits > Medi-Cal

Public Benefits > Medicare

Public Benefits > Public Benefits for Immigrants

Public Benefits > Social Security

Public Benefits > Unemployment Insurance

Public Benefits > Workers' Compensation

Seniors > Will Drafting and Estate Planning

Veterans and Military > Veterans with Disabilities

Work > Job Discrimination and Harassment

Work > Wage Claims, Overtime, and Wage and Hour Laws

Work > Workplace Disability Access & Accomodation

Work > Workplace Safety and Health

Work > Wrongful Termination and Retaliation

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