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    Discrimination in employment, housing, business settings, school and foster care; hate crimes and intimate partner violence; family matters; concerns about health and at death; sex crimes and convictions. Content Detail

    State Bar of California

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  • Retaliatory Actions, Evictions And Discrimination

    A landlord may try to evict, harass, or discriminate against a tenant because the tenant has exercised a legal right or has complained about a problem in the rental unit. Others can use harassment, eviction, or discrimination to retaliate against someone who: opposed unlawful practices, informed law enforcement, or encouraged a person to exercise their rights. Content Detail

    CA Department of Consumer Affairs

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  • Fair Employment and Housing: Intake to Decision

    The administrative process for handling an employment discrimination complaint. Based on a fact pattern fictionalized from an actual case of perceived disability discrimination, the seven-part series features: 1) initial contact; 2) intake interview; 3) investigation; 4) conciliation or mediation; 5) accusation; 6) hearing; and 7) conclusion or decision. Content Detail

    CA Department of Fair Employment and Housing
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